Gravity Forms eWAY Pro v1.5.0

Gravity Forms eWAY Pro v1.5.0 has just been released. (Customer) Invoice Reference and (Transaction) Invoice Number have been switched; Zapier support has been updated; and some eWAY API improvements.

Invoice Reference and Invoice Number

There are two useful reference numbers sent to eWAY for each regular transaction: the TransactionNumber and the InvoiceReference. The TransactionNumber is meant to be the merchant’s invoice reference (e.g. an order number), and the InvoiceReference is meant to be the customer’s reference (e.g. an order number). When I added support for mapping a field to a reference number, it was pointed out to me that the InvoiceReference isn’t what is shown on eWAY’s hosted page for accepting card details. Somehow, I twisted that in my head to mean that I had the mapping around the wrong way, so I “fixed it”. Which meant that for some time now, they’ve been mapped incorrectly!

This release “fixes” it back. Which means that:

  • mapped feeds should use the Transaction Reference if they want to see this number on the eWAY Responsive Shared Page (see image)
  • if you use filter hooks to set the TransactionNumber or InvoiceReference, please check to see if it’s doing what you want it to do!
Mapping a field to the Transaction Reference in eWAY
Mapping a field to the Transaction Reference in eWAY

Zapier integration updated

Delayed actions support for Zapier has been updated. The Gravity Forms Zapier add-on uses the add-on framework these days, so the old integration method wasn’t delaying Zapier actions any more. Fixed in this release.

Error D4406 begone

When a form is configured to send the customer to eWAY’s Responsive Shared Page to complete their purchase, cancelling the transaction used to log an error D4406 in the notes for the form entry. It now logs the somewhat more useful message “Payment was cancelled by the customer”.

Fixes for the eWAY API

API keys and passwords that contained some special characters are now accepted by the add-on settings page. When logging is enabled for the add-on, the AccessCode returned by eWAY is now logged, to assist with debugging problems.

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms eWAY Pro.