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Flexible Map v1.17.0

Flexible Map v1.17.0 has just been released. This release tracks the latest stable version of the Google Maps API; removes support for ancient browsers (Opera 12, IE < 11); and fixes KML maps with zoom when hidden in a tab.

Track the stable version of the Google Maps API

Up until now, I’ve been manually tracking the stable version of the Google Maps API. Periodically the current stable version is superseded by the next version that has been running as a test version. Google now allows me to track the current stable version more easily, without having to specify the version number. The new default is to track an unstable, weekly version, but I’m tracking the stable quarterly version. If you want to track the unstable version, you can do that with a filter hook.

KML maps with zoom when hidden in a tab

When a KML map with a specified zoom was hidden in a tab, the map tiles would not redraw when displaying the tab. This only happened with a zoom specified. A challenging bug, but thankfully it was easily fixed.

Adios Opera 12, dead IE browsers

When giving the JavaScript code a bit of a revamp, I removed some code that provided support for some truly ancient browsers. This included:

  • a dirty hack for the directions link in Opera 12
  • a dirty hack for the directions search form in Internet Explorer 7 and earlier
  • event handling in old versions of Internet Explorer that used attachEvent() instead of addEventListener()

Some Spring cleaning while there’s still a little Spring left (down here in the southern hemisphere!)

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Flexible Map.