Gravity Forms DPS PxPay v2.2.0

Gravity Forms DPS PxPay 2.2.0 has just been released. The minimum required PHP version is now 5.6; customers can retry failed transactions; and Authorise transactions can be processed.

Minimum PHP version is 5.6

I’ve bumped the minimum supported version of PHP to version 5.6 (while recommending 7.2 or greater). Even PHP 5.6 is about to lose support for security fixes, but I understand that some sites are still running plugins or a theme that break on PHP 7 so I’m going to support a minimum of PHP 5.6 for a little while yet. If you’re still running something older that PHP 5.6, time to step up your game.

Retry a failed or cancelled transaction

Caleb McDonnell / speedpro submitted a patch allowing customers to retry a failed transaction. Thanks Caleb! I’ve added in some logic to detect customer cancellations too, so the message shown to the customer can better reflect what happened on Payment Express.

Allow customers to retry failed transactions
Allow customers to retry failed transactions

Because some people might not want this functionality, I’ve made it optional. There’s a new setting on the feed allowing you to turn off transaction retry.

Capture or Authorise

There are two payment methods, Capture and Authorise. Up until now, I’ve only supported Capture, which processes the payment immediately. You can now choose to use Authorise, which holds the amount on the customer’s card for processing later. Authorise transactions can be completed manually in Payline. Perform a transaction search, and look for its Complete button.

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms DPS PxPay.