Gravity Forms List Field Counter released

Gravity Forms List Field Counter has just been released. Now you can use the number of entries in a List field in your calculations and conditional logic.

I’ve always wanted to do more with List fields, but they’ve always had that little niggling roadblock: no real way to interact with them in the form. So I decided to do something about that.

Simple list field with a counter
Simple list field with a counter

Now you can easily build forms that charge for each row in the List field. That means things like simple ticket sales, group charters, catering bookings, and seat reservations can be built more easily in Gravity Forms because you can use a List field and count how many rows there are.

See the live examples

You can use the List field count in your calculated fields, including prices. You can even use them in conditional logic, to show different fields in your form or send different notification emails.

Check out the reference website and try the live forms. Maybe it’ll solve a problem for you!