Gravity Forms eWAY v2.2.2

Gravity Forms eWAY v2.2.2 has just been released, with WordPress 4.6 compatibility, fixes for a plugin conflict, and some minor bug fixes.

WordPress 4.6 was going to deliver some major changes to accessing remote resources like eWAY, so this release changes how messages are sent to eWAY in line with this WordPress trac comment. It sounds like that was going to cause too much trouble so it’s no longer going ahead in the same way, but we’re covered “just in case”. The new approach is more future proof, so the change is for the better.

The T2T Toolkit plugin keeps on giving, this time it’s a conflict with the Coupons add-on to Gravity Forms. I’ve now switched to using Gravity Forms’ get_order_total() to get the order total, since I can now depend on it being there. This should fix T2T Toolkit conflicts once and for all!

I discovered that there are web servers out there purporting to be “up to date” and still only offering PHP 5.3 (which went End of Life in 2014). Which would normally be OK, except one such server was still using a version of the PCRE regular expression library from 2006, and it didn’t support the magic \K operator that I love so dearly. That wasn’t introduced until version 7.2 in 2007. I figure that it’s time, everyone should be up with PCRE supporting \K, so I’ve added a warning when PCRE is too old. Really, anything less than version 8 is too old (it came out in 2009, over six years ago!)

Client Side Encryption required by eWAY uses a script loaded from eWAY’s servers. I was always loading the full, unminified, developer-only script. I now only load that for developers (when SCRIPT_DEBUG is set), and load the much smaller minified version for live sites. That should reduce page load times just a little for forms using eWAY.

There’s a few other minor fixes you can read about in the changelog (link below).

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms eWAY.