Gravity Forms eWAY conditional recurring payments

Gravity Forms eWAY v1.8.0 has just been released. It fixes a bug with conditional recurring payments, and tightens up XSS prevention.

When making the Recurring Payments field conditional on another field, the start and end dates were wiped on form load and again any time the field was hidden. This bug has now been fixed, allowing this field to be used in conditional forms more easily.

Also on Recurring Payments, some website builders want to show the start date field but not the end date field. Older versions only let you show or hide both, but this release lets you show or hide each one independently.

I had a report of a problem saving the plugin settings in multisite. Unfortunately, I could not replicate the problem, or even guess what could cause it (I run and test on multisite myself) — so I just rewrote the settings screen using the WordPress Settings API. I’ve been meaning to do that anyway, and this was a nudge along that path.

While I was neck-deep in the code, I gave it a bit of a freshen up to make it easier to maintain. I also audited the codebase for potential problems with XSS (cross-site scripting) attacks, and cleaned up a couple of things. I haven’t seen any attacks against this plugin, but I also don’t want to in the future either!

You can update to version 1.8.0 from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms eWAY.