Flexible Map gets more flexible directions and links

Flexible Map v1.10.0 has just been released. It adds four new shortcode attributes, fixes a couple of bugs, and updates the Portuguese (Brazilian) translation. The Google Maps API version is updated to 3.20.

Many thanks to Alexsandro Santos and Paulo Henrique for updating the Portuguese (Brazilian) translation. Other translations / updates are also warmly welcomed!

Markers on centre or address maps can have a link in the infowindow, and there are two new shortcode attributes for this link. The default text for the link is “Click for details”, but if you want to have the link say something else, use the linktext attribute. By default the link opens in the same browser tab, but if you want to open it in a new tab, add linktarget="_blank".

Directions get some new flexibility too. By default, Google looks at the website domain name to determine whether to use metric or imperial measurements. Apparently, the UK is stuck in the past with the USA and still talks feet, furlongs, and fathoms but Google doesn’t know that and gives their maps kilometres and metres. With this release of Flexible Map, you can now ask Google to remember the good old days too: dirunitsystem="imperial". Conversely, if you want a USA map to make sense to a modern human, you can use dirunitsystem="metric".

Directions don’t have to be driving directions any more either. I haven’t added a nice UI for this, but you can now at least ask the map for walking, bicycling, or transit (e.g. public transport) directions instead: dirtravelmode="transit". Maybe one day I’ll add a selector to the directions form; not this time around though.

Directions now work even if you haven’t added a title to your map marker. Sorry about that! Hopefully it’s a little more flexible now.

And there was a JavaScript error on KML maps with markers that had no description. I’ve improved my test data to accommodate that now 🙂

You can update to version 1.10.0 from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Flexible Map.