Order Form price increase

From 1st February 2015, I’m increasing the price of Order Form for WooCommerce to USD$40.

I’m doing this because I want to keep writing and selling plugins, and that means I have to make a profit from the sales. At only USD $25 each, I’m not making much to cover the costs of development, support, documentation, a reference and demonstration website, compatibility testing against new WordPress and WooCommerce releases, and fixed costs like hosting, software licenses, and HelpScout.

But I realise that some customers are kicking the tyres right now, ready to purchase Order Form for WooCommerce at the old price. I know what it’s like to budget a website build and have costs increase on you suddenly, which is why I want to forewarn people. The old price still stands, but will increase on 1st February 2015. Get in quick, while you can!