Order Form for WooCommerce v1.8.0

Order Form for WooCommerce version 1.8.0 has just been released. It adds an attribute “catmode” for display of category names; adds some new filters; and basic support for “VarkTek Pricing Deals for WooCommerce”.

There’s a new shortcode attribute catmode that changes how category titles are collated and displayed on the order-form-by-category.php template, when a product has multiple categories including parents and children. It defaults to ‘leaves’; from ‘leaves’, ‘roots’, ‘all’. If you have products with categories in hierarchies and have ticked the parents and the child categories, this change will help clean up the category names on your order forms.

I’ve added a new filter orderform_woocommerce_responsive_width for changing the responsive CSS width. If you enable responsive CSS in the plugin, it will normally change the view of the order form to a mobile-friendly version at a width of 770px, which includes iPads and other tablets. If you’d prefer to keep those devices in the standard view, you can hook this filter to change that width. The template order-form.php now has a data attribute supporting the responsive CSS width, so please update customised templates to match.

I’ve added another new filter orderform_woocommerce_adjust_product_price for changing the displayed product price (e.g. for custom discounting). This enables custom integration with discounting on your shop. I’ve also added basic support for discounting in VarkTek Pricing Deals for WooCommerce.

I’ve also added some custom meta $cart_item['orderform_woocommerce']['flag'] to cart items added from an order form, so that website builders can handle order forms differently than regular add-to-cart items. Here’s an example that restricts order form orders to the Cheque payment gateway.

For order forms that return to the same page when submitting, the new compound WooCommerce added-to-cart message is used now. This tidies things up quite a lot!

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Order Form for WooCommerce.