Order Form for WooCommerce fixes for variations

Order Form for WooCommerce version 1.5.0 has just been released. It fixes a few bugs with free products, product variations and categories, adds French and German translations, and a couple of filter hooks.

Many thanks to Phillip Franke for the German translation, and Hugo Catellier for the French translation. Other translations are also warmly welcomed!

Free products can be ordered via order forms! I thought they always could be, so maybe this is something that broke along the way somehow. Nevertheless, they certainly work now.

Several bugs with variable products / variations were fixed. Some were related to WooCommerce 2.4 variations changes, which flip flopped a bit before settling down. Some were simply things I never thought of and so had not tested; hopefully I now have most use cases covered! The next big thing for variations will be product grid order forms, coming in the next major release.

Also since WooCommerce 2.4, error messages weren’t displaying on submit. This was due to WooCommerce’s new minimalist policy for cart sessions, which reduced its performance hit on very busy websites. I’ve tried to keep to that policy, but still allow error messages to work again.

The cat attribute was failing when there were more than two categories. Embarrassment! This plugin can now count higher than two.

The orderform_woocommerce_products_by_category filter hook is new, and can be used to change a categorised collection of products for the order-form-by-category template. Before you leap at the opportunity, however, the plugin now preserves the order in which you specify categories, which makes it easy to add categories to an order form in a specific order.

Orders submitted with no products now show a message, “Please select an item from the form”. You can change this message by hooking the orderform_woocommerce_empty_order_message filter hook.

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page.