Order Form for WooCommerce 1.9.0

Order Form for WooCommerce 1.9.0 has just been released. It ensures compatibility with the upcoming WooCommerce 3.0; adds basic support for WooCommerce Subscriptions variable subscriptions; and fixes a few bugs.

WooCommerce 3.0 is coming, and it’s a big release with some substantial changes for extensions. This release updates the code for the new WooCommerce CRUD methods, and maintains backwards compatibility support for some earlier WooCommerce releases.

Basic support for WooCommerce Subscriptions variable subscriptions has been added. If you have a variable subscription product in your form, it will now behave much like any other variable product and show the variation options. Note that the normal WooCommerce Subscriptions restrictions still apply, so don’t plan on having multiple subscriptions all ordered at once from a form.

If you use a filter hook to change the minimum quantity for a product, that minimum is now set as the default quantity for the form. This allows you to preselect products for an order, which can be particularly useful for forms with checkboxes for sold-individually products.

Last release added some basic support for VarkTek Pricing Deals. This release fixes a bug where discounting could lead to $0 value on products with some deals.

The folk over at Easy Digital Downloads found an admin performance problem when websites use W3 Total Cache with Object Caching; fixed in this release.

For theme customisers who prefer to use input:button elements instead of button elements, the Clear button script now supports both types of elements.

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Order Form for WooCommerce.