Gravity Forms Windcave Pro v1.0.0

Gravity Forms Windcave Pro v1.0.0 has landed, with support for multiple Windcave accounts on one website.

After a bit of nudging by people using the free Gravity Forms DPS PxPay add-on, I’ve finally pushed out a pro add-on for Windcave (the new name for Payment Express).

Apart from a substantial code restructure, this version only offers one big advantage over the free add-on so far: multiple Windcave accounts. If you have a need to send payments to different Windcave accounts from the same website, even the same form using conditional logic, the pro version will get you there.

As time permits, I’ll add some more pro features that will make use of what Windcave has to offer, and not only via its PxPay 2.0 API. Watch this space 🙂

If you got a pre-release version of this add-on, you can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms Address Enhanced.