Gravity Forms eWAY Rapid API beta

Who wants to help me test the next release of Gravity Forms eWAY? v2.0 is nearly ready for release, and it has some big changes including support for eWAY Rapid 3.1 API.

Rapid API means better support for UK, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong. It also means more meaningful error and validation messages from eWAY when a transaction fails.

Here’s a preview of the changelog:

  • changed: uses eWAY Rapid API for Direct Connection payments if API key and password are set
  • changed: minimum Gravity Forms version is now 1.8.8
  • changed: currency is no longer limited to AUD
  • changed: don’t restrict credit cards, let user select; please review your forms after upgrading, and ensure that the correct credit cards are enabled in your forms
  • changed: use WordPress post date format for recurring payments reported dates
  • fixed: don’t attempt to use real Customer ID for Recurring Payments sandbox (only 87654321 works)
  • fixed: only need gravityforms_edit_settings to save eWAY settings
  • added: strings are localised and ready for translation!

I expect to release v2.0 sometime next week, but I’d really appreciate a little help with beta testing this bugger before I do. I’ve given it a pretty good shakedown in a few environments, but there’s nothing like passing out copies to the people who will really be using it.

Download Gravity Forms eWAY v2.0 beta1 with Rapid 3.1 API

NB: please only run this in a test environment! I’ve done my best to track down the bugs, but beta testing is all about finding any that I’ve missed, so please don’t run this on a live website!

PS: Gravity Forms eWAY Pro is almost ready too, with Shared Page (hosted) transactions, feed-driven mapped fields, and more…