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Gravity Forms eWAY Pro v1.4.0

Gravity Forms eWAY Pro v1.4.0 has just been released. The minimum required PHP version is now 5.4; fixed a Recurring Payments bug with radio button products; fixed conditional logic for Use New Card; token customers can update / replace their remembered cards; and there are some Client Side Encryption improvements.

Minimum PHP version is 5.4

The minimum required PHP version is now 5.4, so please check your hosting account to ensure that your website is running at least that version before updating. You can check on the Gravity Forms system status page in the WordPress admin:

Forms > System Status

Note that this is only the minimum required version; we recommend running PHP 7.1 or higher, for performance and security reasons.

Recurring Payments and radio button products

A bug with Recurring Payments has been fixed. If your form has a Product field that uses radio buttons to select different variations, an incorrect amount was being sent to eWAY for recurring payments. This has now been fixed.

Conditional logic and the Customer Tokens field

A change somewhere along the way broke conditional logic rules that used the Customer Tokens field. You might use conditional logic to only show the Credit Card field if your customer selects Use New Card, for example. While fixing this bug, we also improved the logic rules to allow for “is new card” and “is not new card”.

Using conditional logic with a Customer Tokens field
Using conditional logic with a Customer Tokens field

Updating remembered cards

Token customers can now update their remembered cards when purchasing again, or on forms intended solely for letting customers update their cards. Credit and debit cards have an expiry date (month / year), and eWAY needs to be updated when the card changes.

Update a remembered card
Update a remembered card

For some cards, the card number stays the same when the card is updated. For others, the card number also changes. The update form accommodates both types of change.

Client Side Encryption improvements

When using Client Side Encryption, when you use a Credit Card field in a form to capture the card details directly on your website, the card number is now validated in the web browser, to prevent simple keying errors before sending everything to eWAY. When the form is submitted and the card number and security code fields are encrypted, those fields now show a mask to indicate that their data has been protected.

Card number and security code are masked when submitting with Client Side Encryption
Card number and security code are masked when submitting with Client Side Encryption

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms eWAY Pro.