Gravity Forms DPS PxPay v1.7.0

Gravity Forms DPS PxPay version 1.7.0 has just been released. This release stops WooCommerce Payment Express Gateway from intercepting Gravity Forms transactions, adds support for Japanese Yen, and removes a redundant filter.

It seems that the WooCommerce Payment Express Gateway (for PxPay) doesn’t actually check to see if a PxPay transaction came from WooCommerce. That meant that when you had both WooCommerce and Gravity Forms on one website, WooCommerce would try to process the callback from a Gravity Forms transaction. I’ve worked around that now, by stepping in front of the WooCommerce integration and saying “nothing to see, move along”.

Billing in Japanese Yen is now supported. Previously, only currencies with two decimal places would work correctly, but now JPY values are kept in a decimal-free format and will process successfully.

Mapping one Gravity Forms field to two PxPay fields now works. This means that you can map an email address field to the EmailAddress field in PxPay and to one of the TxnData fields.

The gfdpspxpay_invoice_desc filter has been removed. It turns out that this never actually did anything, so it’s gone. Ripped away. Just like that. Without a second thought. Because it Friday, baby!

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms DPS PxPay.