Gravity Forms DPS PxPay invalid key errors

Gravity Forms DPS PxPay version 1.4.3 has just been released. This release fixes a couple of bugs in the handling of Payment Express failure messages.

Specifically, using an invalid API key of the correct length was causing the Payment Express payment screen to be skipped completely, and the Gravity Forms submission sent as if there was no payment to be processed. Additionally, if the initial request for processing returned an error and the DPS PxPay feed was to set to redirect on failure, the request error was never seen.

Both of these bugs are now fixed. If you tried Gravity Forms DPS PxPay in the past and struck these problems, please try the new version.

I should also note that at least three people have now reported to me that when they signed up to PxPay with Payment Express, their shiny new API key hasn’t worked and they’ve had to contact DPS for assistance. In each instance, DPS has had to reset the API key on their account. Something to be aware of when setting up a new website / account.

While I was in there meddling with the code, I also added some extra precautionary measures to prevent XSS attacks, and added two new action hooks for developers: gfdpspxpay_process_return_parsed, and gfdpspxpay_process_confirmation_parsed.