Gravity Forms DPS PxPay fix for duplicate delayed actions

Gravity Forms DPS PxPay version 1.5.0 was released last night. This release fixes a bug that caused duplicate delayed actions sometimes. It also drops the PxPay 1.0 API.

Payment Express has deprecated the PxPay 1.0 API for some time. It does still “support” it, but it doesn’t really make any difference any more because it’s all handled by the PxPay 2.0 API anyway. As such, I’ve dropped the code for PxPay 1.0. There should not be any noticeable difference on websites that still had the PxPay 1.0 API method selected in this plugin, it just won’t be available as an option in the settings any more.

With the help of Nick Sundberg, I was able to find and fix a bug that sometimes caused duplicate delayed actions like post and user creation. I have never had my PxPay account configured with Skip Page 2 (results page), so I could never reproduce the problem until I saw this running on someone else’s PxPay account. The problem happened when the Fail-Proof Result Notification (FRPN) request hit the website about the same time as the customer got redirected back to the website, running the delayed actions twice. This should now be fixed. Thanks for all your help diagnosing that, Nick!

@PaymentExpress: please make it easier for developers to switch configurations. Testing is much easier / faster when I don’t need to email support every time I make a configuration change…

This release brings two new action hooks for customisers, gfdpspxpay_process_approved and gfdpspxpay_process_failed. They only fire (once!) when the transaction has been processed, and they both pass the Gravity Forms lead object.

You can update to version 1.5.0 from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms DPS PxPay.