Gravity Forms Address Enhanced v1.4.1

Gravity Forms Address Enhanced v1.4.1 has just been released (yesterday!). US Minor Islands codes for WooCommerce now track WooCommerce v3.8, not v3.6; and subdivision (state / province) names now sort in the current page’s locale.

US Minor Islands

WooCommerce 3.8 has changed the codes used to store subdivisions for US Minor Islands. It turns out that WooCommerce 3.6 may have shipped a list of subdivisions for US Minor Islands, but they were never actually used in the checkout, and v3.7 accidentally removed them. 3.8 restores them, makes them usable, but also changes the codes, so Gravity Forms Address Enhanced has changed to match.

Sorting the subdivision dropdown

The subdivision dropdown (states / provinces) has always been sorted using a locale-aware function, so that non-ASCII characters (like accented characters for example) sort correctly. That was always done per the browser default, but now the sort is done using the locale that the page specifies. For example, on a page with a German locale, ä will sort before z; but on a page with a Swedish locale, ä will sort after z.

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms Address Enhanced.