Gravity Forms Address Enhanced v1.14.0

Gravity Forms Address Enhanced v1.14.0 has been released. Saving country/subdivision as codes in User Registration feeds now works for all address types, including US and Canadian; fixed saving the subdivision as code in User Registration feeds; compatible with Gravity Forms 2.5 aria-describedby changes.

Address type doesn’t have to be International

GF Address Enhanced was originally built to provide a drop-down list of subdivisions (states and provinces) in many countries with the International address type. Without it, only country-specific address types could have a drop-down for subdivisions. When the address type wasn’t International, this plugin didn’t do anything special with subdivisions.

Integration with the User Registration add-on was added later, allowing countries and subdivisions to be saved in the user profile by their ISO 3166 code, or even a WooCommerce-compatible code. It turns out that some website builders want to make use of this feature, but with address types other than International, e.g. United States. (Why? Because some websites only serve customers in one country and don’t want to provide a country sub-field in their address fields.)

With release 1.14.0, the address type restriction has been dropped, so address types United States and Canada, and custom address types, can make use of the User Registration add-on features.

Saving subdivision as code

At some point, a bug crept in where subdivisions would only save as a code if the setting to save subdivisions to entries as a code was enabled. This has now been fixed, so that the User Registration features for code conversions works separately to saving to entries.

Gravity Forms 2.5 aria-describedby

Gravity Forms 2.5 has been making great strides in its support for accessibility, and we’re really looking forward to its release. It will make a meaningful difference to the accessibility of forms on the web, especially given how broadly Gravity Forms is used. This release of GF Address Enhanced catches up with some recent changes to Gravity Forms’ support for the aria-describedby accessibility attribute on input elements.

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Gravity Forms Address Enhanced.