Flexible Map v1.15.0

Flexible Map v1.15.0 has just been released. In this release, KML maps can now set the map centre; server-side address lookups are remembered for up to one month; and there are two new attributes: hidefullscreen and markeranimation.

KML maps can now set the map centre

Until now, adding centre coordinates to a map meant you got a single-marker map, even if you specified a KML file. From this version, you can set the src attribute to load a KML map, and also set the center attribute. Yay!

Server-side address lookups

Now that Google is getting more serious about counting your Maps API usage, it’s more important to reduce API calls. For that reason, successful server-side address lookups are now remembered for up to a month. Specifically, each successful address lookup is saved in a transient with an expiry time of one month.

NB: the plugin will only perform server-side address lookups if you set a server API key for the Flexible Map plugin.

New attribute: markeranimation

Marker animation has finally come to the Flexible Map plugin. I’ve turned it on by default, since I believe that most people will prefer it on — it draws attention to the map marker. Of course, some people will prefer that it didn’t do that, so the markeranimation attribute lets you set animation to none.

New attribute: hidefullscreen

Now that the Full Screen control is automatically added to all maps, some people have decided that actually, they’d rather not have it. To turn if off, set the new hidefullscreen attribute to false.

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Flexible Map.