Flexible Map v1.14.0

Flexible Map v1.14.0 has just been released. This release updates the Google Maps API version to 3.2, and adds a second API key setting for server side requests.

Google Cloud Platform Billing Account

From 11 July 2018, Google will require you to have a billing account and an API key for the Google Maps JavaScript API to work on your website. According to Google, enabling billing will give you access to $200 of free monthly usage. Read more about the changes in Google’s Guide for Existing Users.

Server API key

Along with the API changes Google has made, server side requests to Google Maps no longer work without an API key. Well, OK, they “work”, once per day or something, and then they get a REQUEST_DENIED error.

Flexible Map uses server side requests to resolve addresses on maps that add a marker by address, not coordinates. It does that to reduce the number of JavaScript requests made in the web browser. This makes your maps load faster, and reduces the number of API requests — which can count towards your $200 free monthly usage!

If you leave the Server API key empty, Flexible Map won’t attempt to resolve addresses on the server and will only use your JavaScript API key for address lookups. If you do add a key, it should be a different key to your JavaScript API key — read more about API keys in the Flexible Map manual.

Server API key in Flexible Map settings
Server API key in Flexible Map settings

You can update to the latest version from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Flexible Map.