Flexible Map uses language packs from translate.wordpress.org

Flexible Map v1.11.0 has just been released. It now uses localisations from translate.wordpress.org in preference to the local plugin copy. The Google Maps API version is updated to 3.24.

Since translate.wordpress.org took over translations for plugins hosted on wordpress.org, the general preference is for plugins to remove their local translations and let WordPress download any completed language packs as required. Flexible Map is a little different to most plugins, because for historical reasons it allows website builders to specify the language used for the few strings in the plugin, with a shortcode attribute like this:

[flexiblemap center="-32.918657,151.797894" locale="fr-FR" directions="true"]

Yes, even on a website with the language set to “en-AU”, I can have the directions link in French. That can be useful for people writing pages in multiple languages on the same website, with maps.

Prior to this release, language packs could only be updated through a new release of the plugin. With this release, the native WordPress language pack update system is used to install the required language pack, if it’s available and at least 95% translated. For languages that aren’t 95% translated yet on translate.wordpress.org, the plugin falls back to the language pack in the plugin release.

As more languages become fully translated, I’ll slowly remove the remaining language packs from the plugin, so that eventually translate.wordpress.org will be the sole source of translations. At the current rate, that could be a while yet though…

You can update to version 1.11.0 from your WordPress plugin admin page. Here’s the full changelog for Flexible Map.