Eway Payment Gateway

The Eway Payment Gateway adds a credit card payment gateway integration for Eway in Australia Direct Payments API and Stored Payments API. These plugins are supported:

Looking for a Gravity Forms integration? Try Gravity Forms Eway.


  • card holder’s name can be different to the purchaser’s name
  • basic data validation performed before submitting to Eway
  • Eway transaction ID and bank authcode are recorded for successful payments
  • supports Stored Payments for drop-ship merchants / delayed billing
  • supports Beagle anti-fraud measures for Direct Payments (for supporting plugins)
  • drop-in compatible with Eway payment gateway from the WP eCommerce Gold Cart plugin (except recurring billing — see FAQ)
  • it’s free!


You need:

  • an eCommerce plugin as listed above
  • an SSL/TLS certificate for your hosting account
  • an account with Eway Australia

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Minimum requirements