Gravity Forms eWAY

Gravity Forms eWAY

Gravity Forms eWAY adds a credit card payment gateway for eWAY in Australia to the Gravity Forms plugin, using eWAY’s Direct Payments API or Stored Payments API.

  • build online donation forms
  • build online booking forms
  • build simple Buy Now forms
  • accept recurring payments

NB: this plugin extends Gravity Forms; you still need to install and activate Gravity Forms!



You need:


  1. Install and activate the Gravity Forms plugin
  2. Upload the Gravity Forms eWAY plugin to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the Gravity Forms eWAY plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress.
  4. Edit the eWAY payment gateway settings to set your eWAY Customer ID and options

Gravity Forms will now display the Credit Card and Recurring fields under Pricing Fields when you edit a form.

Building a Form with Credit Card Payments

  • add one or more product fields or a total field, or a recurring field, so that there is something to be charged by credit card
  • add an email field and an address field if you want to see them on your eWAY transaction; the first email field and first address field on the form will be sent to eWAY
  • add a credit card field; if you have a multi-page form, this must be the on the last page so that all other form validations occur first
  • add a confirmation message to the form indicating that payment was successful; the form will not complete if payment was not successful, and will display an error message in the credit card field

NB: you should always test your gateway first by using eWAY’s test server. To do this, set your eWAY Customer ID to the special test ID 87654321 and select Use Test Environment. When you go to pay, the only card number that will be accepted by the test server is 4444333322221111. This allows you to make as many test payments as you like, without billing a real credit card.



Recurring payments generously sponsored by Castle Design. Thanks for sponsoring new features on Gravity Forms eWAY!