Flexible Map

Flexible Map

Flexible Map allows you to add Google Maps to your WordPress website using shortcodes.

See Flexible Map in action


  • three ways to load a map:
    • by centre coordinates
    • by street address
    • by URL to a Google Earth KML file
  • no special Google Maps key is required — uses the latest stable Google Maps API
  • simple shortcode for adding maps to pages/posts
  • PHP function flexmap_show_map() for theme and plugin developers
  • supports multiple maps on a page/post
  • supports responsive design — specify width / height in percent
  • map marker doesn’t have to be the centre of the map
  • optional description for info window
  • optional directions link for info window
  • directions can be dropped into any div element with an ID
  • minimal dependencies — just WordPress and the Google Maps API


Please refer to the manual, which has simple examples and a full reference of available shortcode attributes.



Directions on KML maps generously sponsored by Roger Los. Thanks for sponsoring new features on WP Flexible Maps!

Many thanks to the generous efforts of our translators:

Czech (cs) — caslavak
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French (fr) — mister klucha
German (de) — Carib Design, Dominik Schilling
Greek (el) — Pantelis Orfanos
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Norwegian: Bokmål (nb_NO) — neonnero
Norwegian: Nynorsk (nn_NO) — neonnero
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The initial translations for all other languages were made using Google Translate, so it’s likely that some will be truly awful! If you’d like to help out by translating this plugin, please sign up for an account and dig in.